I bought this book just before the pandemic set in but didn’t read it until mid-October 2020.  I got through it in a couple of days but have found myself going back and reading sections of it again – particularly the exercises, which I chose to skip past in my original read; the author has an engaging style and it’s an easy and pleasant read.

The premise of the book is something of a rework and refocus of the authors earlier works – with the message simplified and reinforced to good effect.  The book espouses the power of the Universe and our relationship with it.  Most of us (including me) have a rather dysfunctional relationship with the Universe; we are generally guided by our fears and our underlying desire for safety.  Essentially, the voice of fear inside us prevents us embracing change and chasing our dreams.  Personally, I’ve repeated so many mistakes in my life by lacking the courage to change things up.

I read this book at the optimum time for me (maybe the Universe was in on it!) … I’d gotten fed up with looking for happiness and validation in material things and in other people.  I’d finally identified that the voids in my life were inside of me and I was committed to finding internal happiness and contentment.  This book spoke to me – actually it screamed out to me – and I felt I really needed to switch things around and bring the scenario of ‘me against the world’ to an end and replace this with the Universe and me working together on my future.

This book won’t be for everyone, I think you have got to be in place where it resonates with you and you need to be ready to commit to make some serious changes in your life and the way you see things.  If I had read this book 10 years ago, I’d have loved the message but would have failed to hear it and ultimately, I’d have climbed back on the ‘hamsters’ wheel’ for another dose of discontent; with books like this sometimes the timing is everything.

I won’t go through the specifics of the book. I’d honestly suggest you read it, but as a somewhat cynical male in his mid-fifties there were a few things in this book that really resonated with me and made me genuinely sit up.  Most notably, I recognised the presence of fear inside me and how I was guided and supressed by it.  Reading this book, I instinctively knew that I was living in the darkness and I had to ask myself why?  The second thing was how the author described miracles.  It might seem odd but stay with me on this… but I have witnessed a couple of miracles.  Just a few times in my life I have observed things fall into place in such a miraculous fashion that it felt supernatural and left me wondering about whether the Universe does have a plan for each of us… if we’ll only listen.  Perhaps those miracles had a lasting impact upon me and left me wondering in a manner that his book simply hooked into.

I have tried to embrace the messages in this book, although I did initially struggle with the religious elements, but I quickly got beyond these.   I have seen incredibly positive effects, I have chosen to love rather than be oppressed by fear, I can now feel fear at work in my thoughts and I can feel me pointlessly judging others.  In a short time, I have learned to recognise these thoughts and I can reject them and switch to a more positive perspective effectively and quickly.

The biggest change that this book has brought about in me is the relaxed and calm relationship I have developed with the Universe; and ultimately with myself.  I manifest my desires, but I know the Universe will guide me, it has a plan for me, which may be better than my own, so I have certainty of outcome and I focus on aligning my feelings with the changes I want to see, and I remain patient: I am so calm and at ease because I don’t feel alone anymore.

This book has certainly helped me, I can say if it will help you, but if you are looking to change things in your life and if you have realised that voids are filled internally and not externally  then it might just be for you.

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