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I embrace the ‘person-centred’ approach to Counselling which means that the client directs the process, and the client decides the things we talk about.  My role as a counsellor, is to listen, help, encourage and support. 

I have experience of working as a Counsellor in a range of settings and environments, including the private, public (NHS) and charity sectors.

I have a particular specialism in working with people experiencing anxiety and depression; believing that all instances of depression (or anxiety) are uniquely different and are experienced by people in many different ways. 

I also have a wealth of experience gained in working environments which I use to work with people experiencing ‘difficulties’ in the workplace such as stress, anxiety, harassment, bullying and losing any semblance of a work / life balance.  

I am a calm, friendly and approachable individual, who is adept at listening and putting others at ease. 

For me counselling is an opportunity for a client to talk, to express their innermost thoughts and feelings; to say things that they may not be able to say in other settings.   The counselling environment is a safe and secure place where clients can say precisely what is in their head without the fear of being judged.

I allow my clients to set the agenda, to decide the things we talk about (and the things we don’t). I promise not to ask difficult or awkward questions and I always allow the client to move at their own pace, affording them time to get things into perspective, to come to terms with things slowly that may be overwhelming them and to afford them the time and space to consider the range of options ultimately open to them.

In terms of me, I was born in Nantwich (Cheshire), I studied at the Universities of Newcastle upon Tyne and Aston (Birmingham) before working in Human Resources in the Automotive, Aviation and Financial Services industries in a range of locations across the UK.

I have an active interest in health, mindfulness, spirituality, and nutrition, reading extensively.  I am a keen walker and rambler.   

Like many of my clients, I have experienced adversity in life suffering loss, bereavement, stress, anxiety, and depression.  These experiences form a part of who I am; and I am a better and stronger person for these experiences.  My life experiences (good and bad) enable me to empathise and start to understand other’s experiences; and whilst all our experiences are uniquely different it is helpful to have some insight into life’s adversities.  

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