Cheshire Psychotherapist & Counsellor 

You decide what you want to talk about, we take things at your pace. You are in control.

My mission is to listen, accept, support and encourage you. 


If you feel depressed or anxious, it is important to remember that you have done nothing wrong, you are not weak and you can get help and support. 

Bereavement and Loss

It can be helpful to work through your feelings with a trained counsellor, who can help you understand that your response to your loss is a wholly natural response and is to be expected.


Workplace Issues

Talking to someone outside the workplace about issues and concerns at work can help you put things into perspective. 

Nigel Cadman

I am a BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) registered and accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist; with a master’s degree in counselling and psychotherapy from Keele University.  Until 2018 I worked as a Director of Human Resources within a range of organisations and am a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of People and Development).

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My Approach & Philosophy

I work in a person-centred manner which means that I value building a positive relationship with clients; working to create a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment.  This means that I want you to feel able to talk and express yourself about anything that may be troubling you.  We talk about whatever you chose, and you can do so without fear of judgement.  This enables you to become more comfortable with things as you discuss your thoughts freely, giving you an opportunity to consider things from different perspectives and over time building your confidence to explore different options and possibilities that are open to you.

By being listened to, in a safe environment where you are free from judgment, I want to  empower you to make your own decisions and choices.  Remember you are always in control and I will support you in your decision making.

I provide a self-referral service. This means that you can make your own appointment for an initial assessment session. You do not need to be referred by a professional such as your GP. I offer daytime and evening appointments to fit in with your requirements.

Telephone or online appointments via Zoom can be provided for people who prefer not to attend face to face sessions.

All sessions last 55 minutes and the cost is £50 per session.

All payments are made online via Stripe (I can invoice you) or in cash face to face.

BACP Number – 00970428

Information Commissioners Office Registration Number – A8878131


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